The AAA Method™

Do you want to shift from…

… feeling lost, disconnected or stuck in your everyday life > to feeling aligned with the life you are longing for (even if you have no idea what that is yet)?

… having a scarcity mindset, easily ending up in negative thinking patterns > to an abundance mindset, staying in receiving mode?

… having other people’s opinions become your reality > feeling proud and confident living YOUR truth?

… struggling to find the right people and situations > to attracting aligned people, situations and opportunities that resonate on a soul level?

… lacking a deeper sense of meaning, and longing for life to be more > to feeling less stressed, more present and ENJOY everything good in your life?


… heal limiting beliefs and conditioned behaviours that are holding you back from really living your life the way you want to live it?

… cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and understand who you are, what you want and what you need to feel good?

… start creating the life that YOU truly want to live and watch your manifestations become your reality?

… fall deeply back in love with yourself and in being fully, intentionally ALIVE?

welcome to
The AAA Method™

The AAA Method is a deeply transformative journey back to YOU. It’s a simple yet extremely efficient three-step program that will reconnect you with the essence of who you are, and guide you into a higher state of awareness, authenticity and alignment with the life your soul is longing for.

In this method we use tools, mindset practices and energetic work to help you expand beyond your limiting beliefs, conditioned behaviour and egoic mind to find a greater sense of meaning in your everyday life.

Feeling mentally, emotionally or physically stuck is a sign that you are ready to rise to a higher frequency. It’s time you remember who you are.

You are ready to live the life you are meant to live.

Let’s make it your reality.

There will never be a perfect moment, but you always have now.
What are you waiting for? 


A 90 day program (3 x 30 day journeys) including:
‧ Weekly inspirational video sessions
‧ LIVE group sessions once a month
‧ Everyday check-in’s and transformational practices in 45+ page digital workbook
‧ A 30 day meditation playlist for each journey
‧ Amazing guest sessions (we’re talking guests like human design expert, group hypnosis facilitator, tantra embodiment teacher etc)
‧ Bonuses like new & full moon rituals, free access to all my webinars and other surprises…
‧ Community in a closed WhatsApp group
‧ Support, guidance and accountability through the whole method


The AAA Method is a 100% digital yet intimate and interactive program. You get everything you need personally sent to you by e-mail and we go through all three journeys together with an official start date, scheduled sessions and an ongoing group chat (don’t worry, all sessions will be recorded and shared with lifetime access for you to do the program whenever and however you want, at your own pace and terms).

I believe in the power of open sharing, active listening, holding space and intuitive guidance. In addition to weekly pre-recorded sessions, we meet LIVE once a month and you will have accessibility to both me and the group during and in-between sessions.


NEXT START: September 24, 10:00 CET

Sign up by e-mailing or use the sign up form below.

Most LIVE sessions will be held on Sundays 10:00-11:00 CET. All sessions (including guest and bonus sessions) will be recorded and shared with you for lifetime access.

30 DAY

Connect with your intuition

Greater awareness is the first step, but simply knowing won’t do much until you actually start embodying it. No information in the world will help you change until you choose to act on it.

Love yourself by respecting your needs and desires, love others by setting clear boundaries, and spread nothing but love by making it a habit to always fill yourself up before you give to others.

Expand your mind, your energy and your vision to understand (and embody!) how truly limitless and powerful you are. You are worthy of EVERYTHING you could ever dream of, the only one limiting yourself is you.

30 DAY

Connect with your higher self

Leave anything that is holding you back and step into a higher dimension. Learn how to let go, trust and shift into abundant receiving mode. It’s time to do less and attract more.

Step into your “lane of flow” by aligning you energy, intentions and actions with your vision and let your magnetising energy attract everything that is meant for you.

Own your space, shine your light and stand strong in your power. Attract aligned opportunities, soul connections and pure bliss. Feel blessed, abundant and guided. Be happy, healthy and thriving. You don’t have to become anything, you simply have to be. This is already you.


Each 30 day journey is 5 000 SEK inc VAT. You can choose to pay in full (all three journeys – 15 000 SEK) or per month/journey.

Oh, and if you’re not feeling it after the first 30 day journey together – you can choose not to continue. So, no need to commit to the full program (but you’re going to want to, trust me). 

Be ready to open up to a whole new level of awareness, embrace your most authentic self and align with your soul purpose. I will guide you into connection with your higher self and a deeper trust in the power of the universe – and the innate power within you.

This is an initiation to the truest and most magnetic version of who you are. I can’t wait to meet you inside and see you come fully ALIVE.

with so much love,