With several years of experience within brand management, marketing and communication as well as the actual experience of starting and growing a soul-aligned business, I offer support in energetic alignment, branding strategy and operational execution to a very limited number of soulful business creators who are in the process of building their brand and growing their business.

Are you one of them? Let’s talk!


If you are a solopreneur offering your own services (as a coach, healer, mentor etc), the very core of your business is YOU. The key to building a successful soul-aligned business as a solopreneur is to work on your energy, mindset and alignment. Believe in yourself, connect with the true power within you and let go of anything holding you back!

Deeply understand that you working on yourself is the foundation from which your business can thrive. Align your energy with your vision and open up for new clarity, creativity and motivation to flow to you with ease.

copy & content strategy

Creating brand-aligned copy for website, social media, newsletters, articles, product texts etc can feel a bit overwhelming. Things like; making sure you are consistent in your tone of voice, having a good balance between being personal and professional, and getting your message out clearly (to only mention a few) can be a struggle.

Be mindful of your time, focus on what you do best – and leave this part to me. Together we will create an overall strategy and I’ll take care of the execution.

branding strategy

Why should your clients choose you? What is your brand? What can clients resonate with? Make it clear to your clients who you are, what you offer, what kind of results they can expect and why you are the perfect match for them by building a strong brand.

Including everything from visual identity to core values and growth strategy, I’m here to share my expertise with you and support you every step of the process. Show up and share your important message with the world – your clients are waiting for you!